3 Reasons Why Many Men Can’t Grow A Beard

Beard growth seems like an obvious thing that happens to most men that are past the age of adolescence. Truth is however, there are some men who cannot grow facial hair, not if their life depended on it! This is not very uncommon, but it causes worry to men who are unable to grow theirs, especially if beards are in style. Not having facial hair however, is not a medical issue in any way, and should not be worrisome, the only thing one needs to have is good self-confidence. The first step to getting your mojo back as a man is to know the root of the issue. There are some reasons why it can happen to some men and not others, and some 3 reasons why it many men cannot grow a beard listed below:

3 Reasons why beard does not grow

1. Face hair follicle genetics

Over time, the limited truth that hair growth is influenced by the hormone testosterone has been widely propagated. This fact is only partly true and not the entire truth, because most men actually have normal levels of testosterone, how a man’s body responds to testosterone is what counts. The one major factor, which influences beard growth in most men, is genetics. A person’s genes will determine the number of facial follicles that they have, and in what areas, and this in turn will affect facial hair growth in the affected areas.

2. Late bloomer

Some men bloom late in life, and beard growth can be one of the last things that develop in them. This delay of course can be long and can go up to a man’s early thirties! Of course, this can be a course for alarm for some men, but it is definitely best for a person to wait until they reach this age, before they can take any drastic measures.

3. Low levels of testosterone

This may seem counterproductive after suggesting that hormones do not play a huge role in beard development, but in some cases, this is the cause. Not many men experience this condition, but some do. In this case, the man may be having less of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, which is a group of the testosterone main hormone. If this is the cause, then a person can seek the advice of a medical practitioner, so as to know the way forward.

Other reasons

There are many other reasons, which can prevent the growth of facial hair, and some of these reasons could be alopecia. Alopecia is a skin condition whereby hair does not grow whatsoever. Other reasons are poor hygiene, poor diet, not massaging your face to encourage blood flow. Other habits like smoking, too much exposure to the sun, not drinking enough water, not moisturizing your face, sleeplessness and much more may be a hindrance to a man growing a full beard.

What should you Do?

Fun fact is that men who are overly sensitive to testosterone are also more likely to go bald. In addition, the fact that a person may not have any facial hair will save him about 3.5 years in their lifetime to do more important or fun stuff with their life. With all said and done, beards are just an accessory, which not everyone needs to have to have a full life. If for whatever reason you just can’t seem to grow nice looking facial hair, there are many supplements that can help. Read our reviews of beard growth products that will help you grow facial hair.