5 Natural Ways to Thicken your Beard



Thick beard is admired by many men out there. Whether your beard is short or long, having thick beard just appears to look better. Your facial hair can be thin depending on several factors; however there is no reason why you cannot thicken your beard naturally. Climate is a major factor that can affect thickness. The facial hair tends to be thinner in colder climate. On the contrary, beard tends to grow thicker in warm climates. Here are the natural ways to thicken your facial hair:

Enough sleep and exercise

Hair growth depends on your body’s condition. If your body is stressed out and tired, it cannot function properly as it should. In this regard, even hair follicles won’t be able to deliver growth speed they’re usually accustomed to when the body was healthy.

As you sleep for about 8 hours a day, make sure you get a jog for at least 30 minutes around your area. A do-it-yourself cardio exercises, basic yoga or just simple running can make a major difference.

With regular exercise and enough sleep, your body will recover its usual functions. The hair cells will also grow properly and the thick beard you’ve always desired will be yours soon.

Shave properly

Shaving is among the best ways to have thick hair. Experts recommend that you shave at least three times a week even if you do not have much hair growth. Shaving in opposite direction is effective because its increases growth and makes your beard thicker. The best technique when shaving is from top to bottom and vice versa. You can also do left to right and right to left directions. Shaving in opposite direction requires extra caution so as to avoid getting razor lacerations or burns.

Orange juice

Orange juice can also promote growth of thicker beard in a great way. In addition it’s also super refreshing and smells great. Other than promoting hair growth, it also thickens the hair and it’s a great cure for dandruff. Orange juice can be effective when sliced, pilled and put in food processor until you get a fine pulp. Apply this pulp to the beard and live it for approximately 20 minutes. This should be done once a week to get fuller, thicker hair in a few months. You can also use a mixture of apple puree and orange juice to thicken hair naturally. Apply this to the facial hair for half an hour once or two times a week to promote thicker growth. Rinse well. Do not add any shampoo.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins are known to promote growth of healthier, thicker beards. In reality, proper growth of facial hair has so much to do with vitamins and how much the body consumes. Your body needs sufficient amount of vitamins A, B, C, B3, B7 and E to boost natural growth of thicker facial hair. Biotin and zinc, citrus flavonoids and water-soluble B vitamins are also recommended by the experts. They are equally important to growth of facial hair, skin and nails.

Proper grooming of the beard

Proper care of the beard can promote a thicker, fuller looking one. This can be achieved by regularly washing the hair. Wash with warm water, shampoo and apply conditioner. Your facial hair will not just look more refined and sophisticated when washed, but the extra effort will give it more volume.

You may also use proper care products to help them stay in place. For cleaner finish, you may apply oil other supplements such as hair polish to give the beards extra luster.


Growing thick beard is fairly an easy process, all that is required of you is to shave properly, use orange juice, get enough sleep every day and exercise regularly.