Best way to grow a beard naturally – Is there one?

Beards are the real sign of masculinity. Consequently, a beard is a source of pride for many men. In their teenage years, some men grow a beard naturally while in others this may not be the case. This article discusses best ways to grow a beard naturally.

Eating the right diet

Your diet can either work your way or against you in your effort to grow beards. Foods that aid in the production of testosterone which
is responsible for the growth of beards, need to be consumed adequately. This includes foods rich in magnesium, zinc and Vitamin D. On the other hand, Vitamin A, B, C and E speed up the growth process of beards.

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

The choices you make about your lifestyle have an impact on how your beard grows. To begin with, you need to sleep adequately for a minimum of six hours. This is because the body uses sleep time to repair, rebuild and grow and this includes your beard. Also, sleep relaxes the body and helps it to do away with emotional pressure and stress which may impede beard growth. You should also consider carrying out body exercises as part of your daily routine. This is because these activities raise your heart beat rate and therefore, boost the production of testosterone a hormone that promotes the growth of beards.

Skin care and treatment.

A man’s face should be taken care of well. For instance, you should avoid washing your face with hot water or taking hot showers. This is because hot water causes your face to dry after which, your facial hair follicles die. This fact does not mean that you should not clean your face. In fact, you should wash your skin using warm water at least twice a day. This is because clean skin propels the growth of beards. You should also exfoliate your face at least once a week which aids in the removal of dead skin cells which ultimately promote the growth of beards. You can also consider facial massage which has the effect of improving blood circulation in your face which results in the hair cells being supplied with nutrients for hair growth.

Avoid Smoking.

It is not prudent to smoke when you are trying to grow a beard. This is because of its adverse effects on their growth. Smoking impairs the circulation of blood to your skin and thus the body cells are denied nutrients for healthy hair growth. Moreover, the chemical content of cigarettes causes stress on hair growth thus depleting the body of vital nutrients that promote their growth such as Vitamin B in which case cigarettes reduces the amount of this Vitamin that the body assimilates and consequently the body lacks these vital nutrients for their growth.

Taking care of your existing beard

You should refrain from shaving, trimming and shaping your beards oftentimes. This is because it has the effect of overworking your hair follicles and thus they are strained and over time the hair growth rate may slow down or stop altogether. You should, therefore, groom your beards at least after six weeks since, over such a period, the beard has grown to full size.