Can Proper Diet Improve Chances of Growing a Beard?

Growing a beard is not an easy task. This is a fact that many who have tried it will attest to. It is especially true if your genetics don’t exactly favor the lush growth of hair, or if your testosterone levels are not very high. It is easy to get discouraged the first few times you start growing the hair on your face, but the good news is that you are not entirely helpless against genetics and testosterone levels. One way you can contribute to the growth of your beard is by watching what you eat. The answer to the question: can proper diet improve chances of growing a beard is an absolute yes. Here is the close relationship that exists between the growth of the hair and your eating habits:

What is the relationship between diet and beard growth?

A beard is hair just like any other kind of hair that grows on your body. For this hair to grow, your body requires certain nutrients, which can only be found in certain foods. As such, it follows that what you eat has a direct impact on whether or not your facial hair will grow, and how fast the hair will grow. By checking what you eat, you can improve your chances of growing your facial hair within a short period of time.

What foods should you eat?

1. Proteins
Proteins are referred to as body building foods and for good reason too. They are literally the body’s building blocks, and the case is no different for facial hair. Hair is made up of different amino acids, all of which are sourced from the proteins you eat. It is therefore imperative that you increase your intake of proteins if you want it to grow thick and lush. Some of the foods that are rich in proteins include fish, poultry and all meats in general. You should also consider consuming more dairy products such as milk and cheese. Eggs are also exceedingly rich in proteins as well. Increasing your consumption of these foods will go a long way in contributing to healthy beard growth.

2. Vitamins
In addition to the proteins, vitamins and minerals are also crucial to the growth of the hair. Some of the vitamins that contribute most to the growth of your hair in general include Vitamins A, B, C and E. Vitamins C and E are especially important, as they contribute to the production of sebum. Sebum is natural oil that is produced by the body. This oil moisturizes the skin, which in turn encourages the growth of hair. The two vitamins are also synonymous with a healthy skin. You can source them from avocados, green leafy vegetables, fruits and broccoli. Including large portions of fruits and vegetables in your diets will certainly help you in your efforts to grow the beard.

Diet does heavily influence your chances of growing your beard. Watching what you eat can be the difference between a patchy beard with stunted growth and a thick, lush beard. Take care of your diet and watch your facial hair grow within a short time.