Can Supplements Help Grow a Thicker Beard?

Some men want to have thicker beards. Some believe such beards will make them look more masculine while some like the attention such long facial hair draw. Regardless of your reasons, you probably have heard claims of companies selling supplements that will make your facial hair grow thicker and longer. Do these really work?

First of all it is important to understand that hair growth is dependent on several factors. The first and most basic is genetics. If the men in your family (both paternal and maternal sides) have few or no whiskers do not expect a supplement to work miracles. A healthy hair follicle is required for hairs to grow and a supplement can only do as much as boost the growth, not start it. If you have a baby face with no facial hair, no supplement will start its growth.

Proper diet and nutrition has a direct impact on the functioning of the body. A diet rich in proteins is particularly useful in enhancing your testosterone levels which have a direct impact on beard growth. Also, make strength training a part of your exercise regime. It will help you have better cardiovascular health. Losing weight for those who are overweight is also a great idea. Also, be sure to get enough sleep since it is during sleep that the body regenerates. Research has shown that lack of sleep reduces the rate at which your facial hair grows. Avoid stress as this will impart on how you eat, sleep and even exercise.

Keeping the face clean and well-groomed is very important in ensuring a healthy facial hair growth. The follicles will be free from any clogging and the hairs can grow healthily. Get the right tools to care for the hair when it grows. A good brush, a balm and scissors for trimming are some of the must-haves.

After checking the above, do you still need supplements to help grow a thicker hair? It is important to note that these supplements contain the nutrients that are present in foods but in the supplements they are more concentrated and in a dose that is recommended for best results. Whereas some supplements have many vitamins others have a few. If you want to grow a thick beard, some of the ingredients to look for in a supplement to take include:

Biotin/ Vitamin B7

This is very important in ensuring healthy hair growth since it aids in the production of amino acids. It is these amino acids that come together to make proteins like keratin which is found in hair and nails. Taking Biotin will therefore help the whiskers grow faster and prevent their shedding. The best way to take biotin is from a supplement because the one found in foods is difficult to digest and often ends up in the waste excreted.

Vitamin B12

Other than helping in controlling yours stress levels, vitamin B12 helps ensure proper blood supply and nerve functioning. Good circulation is important in ensuring a healthy skin and hence fast hair growth.


This help raise testosterone levels which results in better beard growth.

Other nutrients that a supplement needs to have include Vitamins A, C, E and D, Beta Carotene and folic acid.

So, can supplements help grow a thicker beard? Yes, but only if they have the right ingredients. They also need to be accompanied with healthy practices for best results.