Can Teenagers use beard czar supplements?

Beard Czar, a company that specializes in beard care related health supplements for men, offers a range of products that can groom masculine beard. Products that will, according to them, solidify your manly personality a-full, thick-beard. No matter what your personal preference might be, a goatee, stubble, an all-out full grown or side burns, are all in your reach by using their supplements. The company believes that throughout the eons of history, beard has been a sign of manliness and with its main focus on men beard, it has tried to enter and disrupt a truly new kind of market that has yet to see its boom.

Before we discuss if these supplements work or not we must appreciate the point that the variety of such products that is are present in the market today is truly huge. Whether you are growing a beard for the very first time or are trying to cure problems such as a patchy beard, you will be able to find a product that promises to solve this trouble for you.

Now coming towards the question of if this is a suitable product for teenagers to use?. Well there have been mixed reviews about that but one thing is without a doubt and that is by researching on and thoroughly looking at all of the major companies working in the beard care supplement industry along with the multitude of manufacturers that can be searched online, one finds Beard Czar leading from the front for factors such as revenue generation and a product line that seems to serve everybody’s need. Although the company’s products seem to be a bit heavy on the pocket as compared to other available brands in the market, they do however hope to assist you to grow a thicker, fuller and healthier beard.

When we dig down a bit into the composition of these products, it appears that supplements related to beard hair health which include the Beard-Czar Facial Hair Complex are composed of a mix of ingredients that are related to hair growth one way or the other (like B5/B6, Biotin, Vitamins-A/C/E and Niacin). These ingredient have been known to facilitate genuine growth of hair along-with silica-supplementation1. The deficiency of which, for some reason, can certainly cause reduced hair quality. And it doesn’t stop here i.e. if a vitamin deficiency is becomes severe enough, it can even lead to hair loss2

Based on the facts above, the company thinks that their beard hair supplement lineup can surely help you-grow a masculine beard thicker and quicker than any other product available in market. However its important to note here that for people in the teenage group, a point that needs to be taken care of, is that this product is only effective to use if you are older than 18 years because before this age beard hair do not usually grow4.

When we researched for user reviews, a mixed pattern was found as one person quoted “My beard is growing faster and fuller. I mean nothing insane, but an obvious difference”2.But on the price tag there have been furious reviews such as “This business is a total scam and they need to be shut down!!!”3. Also another user went to new heights saying “Don’t buy unless your name is Bill Gates”2 . To cut it short, the company’s price tag, and refund policies have faced a severe wave of rage from a lot of customers and Bear Czar hasn’t been doing well on this side of their business.

To close it down to a conclusion, we have a feeling that the company’s position and aspiration to become a leader in this new industry will stay genuine for years to come. Also it is great to witness a business that specifically specializes in products that deal with only beard care and related health-products as-their major focus. Something that men care about and a style that is more popular today than it-has been ever before. However, the fact of the matter is that unless you’re deficient in some or all of the vitamins and supplements mentioned above, there’s little evidence showing that any of these ingredients can somehow improve hair health—whether on your head or face2.

The conclusion being it’s entirely up to you. If you can bear the costs and you feel that you are deficient in some or all of the essential ingredients that these products claim to supply, then there is only one way to be sure!