Creams vs Pills for Beard Growth – What does science say?

It is so unfortunate for an individual to conclude that testosterone, a male sex hormone, is responsible for the growth of beards. The holding is never the case as in reality men do have similar levels of testosterone. The weak growth of beards is generally as a result of genetics influence, where it is possible for a son not to have beards just because the father never had any as well.

Globally, millions of men have the difficulty in growing the facial hair, beards. While for others it takes only a few days for their faces to get covered entirely, but for others, it does take weeks or even a month and usually very few. It is advisable that families who struggle to grow the beard should try other methods that can help them, the use of cream or use of pills for this case.

Creams for beard growth

Creams often contain shear butter which when applied on the skin surface nourishes the hair and the skin, an almond lubricant responsible for boosting up hair growth and crude wax to seal in the moistness. The combination of all the above natural components makes it indispensable for the smooth development of proper facial hair grooming with no side effects on the skin.

The initial encounter on the rise full and thick beard that a lot of menfolk experiences is the skin underneath which traps dead cells and begins to get on somebody’s nerves at the adjacent area. It is swiftly done away with by the moisture which allows the uniform growth of hair with no resistance

Hindrances of using cream.

The cream usually is made from mixtures of various chemicals products which might be harmful to the sensitive human skin on the face. The facial skin surface is susceptible therefore the application of products not professionally made may lead to a lot of complications on the surface. Commonly use of the cream having such biochemical products are linked with long-term health technical hitches to the handler.

Pills for beard growth

These are vitamins extracted from natural foodstuffs and medically made in the form of tablets for easy consumption by humans. The tablets while taken into the body gets absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore, enabling human cells responsible for the growth of hair to initiate the growth. An example of such pills Biotin containing vitamin B rich in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

The pills affect beard growth of beards by strengthening the keratin infrastructure upon which many other factors influence the growth. The cells responsible for the growth of hair gets reinforced; as a result, forming an excellent base for healthy development.

Deterrents of using Pills

The quality of every product is always of utmost importance. Where an individual fails to make the right choice as to correct product the effects may be adverse leading to severe injuries. Where inferior pills get availed, for example, that which is not compatible with the body, infections may follow accordingly.


To conclude, the use of both cream and pills are all of the great importance in the growth of uniform and well-organized beards. Although the benefits of the use of such methods supersede their accompanied shortcomings, it is essential to get correct medication foremost. Scientific interventions have not clearly and conclusively come up with a preferable way.