Nutrients and Vitamins that Stimulate Beard Growth

Having a great beard is a thing that a lot of men dream about. But, at the same time, having a thick and healthy facial hair is not something that everyone has and this often leads many feeling disappointed. Regularly, those who have beards that are not up to their standards believe that this problem is genetic – people either have a great beard or they do not. But, common sense, backed up by scientific research, shows that this is not completely the case. In fact, a man’s lifestyle impacts his facial hair growth in a major way. Firstly, proteins boost the body’s ability to grow and then maintain facial hair. However, aside from a protein-rich diet, there are additional elements needed to sustain this growth and they come in the form of vitamins. They provide a range of health benefits and some of these are related to facial hair. With this in mind, here is the complete list of the vitamins that stimulate beard growth.

Vitamin C

As one of the most quintessential vitamins in the human diet for every sex and age group, Vitamin C is also very useful for having a healthy beard. It acts as a strong antioxidant and this supports the growth of all cells, including that belonging to facial hair. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, including grapefruits and oranges, but also strawberries, tomatoes, and green vegetables. The great thing about it is the fact that it improves the functionality of the immune system, which fights any potential skin bacterial or virus irritation that can hamper the quality of beard.

Vitamin B5

This vitamin is also known under the name of pantothenic acid. It has the key role of preventing the graying of hairs, their thinning and overall hair loss. This makes it a key player in the process of keeping a great set of beard in equally great shape. To attain Vitamin B5, men should eat whole grain cereals, organ meats including liver and egg yolks. These foods are often rich in calories, so their intake should be modest but a part of the everyday diet.

Vitamin E

Like Vitamin C, this vitamin is also an antioxidant but one that promotes the blood flow in the body. This supports the growth of cells, but especially those which multiply and regenerate in a rapid manner, like those of skin and hair. Vitamin E can be found in soybeans, leafy greens, dried beans and other similar sources. However, because it impacts blood pressure, anyone with cardiovascular issues should first consult their doctor about using it.


This vitamin is responsible for regulating cells specifically in the domain of facial hair. By being so focused, it is a natural booster of beard growth. Biotin manages to do this thanks to the increase of the keratin production, a key component of both nail and hair growth. Luckily, it is widely available in things like rice, brewer’s yeast, milk, and whole grains, just to mention a few of the most well-known sources.

With all of these vitamins that stimulate beard growth and accessible foods that contain them, any man out there will be able to get incredible facial hair that will be their pride and joy.