Do Women Find Guys With Beards Attractive?

This is one of the age-old questions that men ask themselves. Sometimes they get the answer right, sometimes they are completely off on these answers. So what is the actual truth on the question, do women find people with beards attractive? To some extent, women can be said to like facial hair in the same way that people like boobs, because they do not have them. This is not to suggest that they would like to own beards, but that facial hair make some men look manlier. This fact depends largely on a woman’s preference.

Types of beards that attract women

Inasmuch as the women do love men with facial hair, there is a certain type and style that is more preferable. Some studies have been carried out surveying a whole range of men, from clean-shaven faces to aggressive, full facial hair. In these studies, different types of facial hair attract different types of reactions from people, and especially from women. From these studies, a man’s sex appeal was determined by the presence or lack thereof of his beard. One such study is the one published by “Journal of evolutionary Biology” and about eight thousand women were interviewed. Computer graphics were used, so as to provide different variations.

These studies found out that clean shaven men, both muscular or otherwise were considered less attractive than men who had some form of facial hair; this, notwithstanding the fact that they were looking for short term or long-term commitments.

Men with slightly shaven beard, or stubble were considered the most attractive overall, while men with full beards were considered best for long-term commitments.

Why women find beards to be attractive

Due to evolution and to some extent nature, women are said to prefer men who can take care of them. To some women, a beard is an indicator of a macho man who is strong and capable of taking care of a woman.

Facial hair, as earlier stated, makes men look more attractive, and especially the stubble. It is a man’s ornament just like make up in women, only that theirs is naturally placed. Beards in men are also unique in that it is a bit rare to find a man walking around with a bearded face. Moreover, in the natural order of things, people desire to be superior in one way or the other. This is one way a women can say that her man is unique. There are many reasons as to why women find it attractive, and the above are just a few.

Women who find a beard to be unattractive

Not all men have the ability to naturally grow a beard, but this should not hinder anyone from attracting a female that they desire. The way people perceive you depend on how you carry yourself, and not whether or not you have a beard. This is especially because, despite the studies, women have varied views and preferences concerning the topic. As a matter of fact, some women cannot tolerate beard because of the misconception or view that bearded men are overly aggressive and may have wild behavior. Other women consider facial hair untidy and actually prefer a clean shave, which may appear to characterize a focused man who has their life together.
Women do find well-placed facial hair attractive; some however do not like beards at all. This is a preference in women. Some men grow or do not grow beard depending on the opinions of their woman, others have more reasons that are personal.